UC Riverside Highlanders Alternate Logo


Excellent alternate logo history for the Highlanders and have a current logo similar to the primary logo.

Pick your favorite UC Riverside Highlanders alternate logo?

UC Riverside Highlanders
2012 - Present

Interlocked initials “UC” with the letter “U” in yellow with white and blue trim and the letter “C” in blue with white and blue trim. Wordmark below arched “RIVERSIDE” in yellow with blue trim and “ATHLETICS” in blue.


UC Riverside Highlanders

A brown and blue bear’s head with his mouth wide open and wearing a blue and yellow Scottish hat below initials “UCR” in white with yellow highlights on a blue 3-D background.


UC Riverside Highlanders
2003 - 2011

A brown and yellow bear resting on a blue and white mountain with the initials “UCR” in yellow.


UC Riverside Highlanders
2003 - 2011

A brown and blue bear with Scottish clothes by Mountain peak with the initials “UCR” in white with light blue trim.