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Boston College Eagles Alternate Logo 2016 - Present

Boston College Eagles

A high-flying eagle with a maroon tail in a maroon, white and black eagle.

Slight changes to the eagle.

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California Golden Bears Alternate Logo 2017 - Present

California Golden Bears

A block letter "C" and a walking bear in gold.

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Clemson Tigers Alternate Logo 1977 - Present

Clemson Tigers

A letter "C" in purple with orange trim. The letter "C" represents the school name Clemson.

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Duke Blue Devils Alternate Logo 2001 - Present

Duke Blue Devils

A Blue Devil holding a pitch fork and wearing a cape surrounded by a blue flame.

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Florida State Seminoles Alternate Logo 2014 - Present

Florida State Seminoles

A maroon and gold arrow head.

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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Alternate Logo 2021 - Present

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Standing mascot Buzz in gold, white, and blue.

New shade of gold.

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Louisville Cardinals Alternate Logo 2013 - Present

Louisville Cardinals

A red with black trim olde English style letter "L."

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Miami Hurricanes Alternate Logo 2019 - Present

Miami Hurricanes

A orange, green and white ibis with an orange sweatshirt with a letter "M" ready for a fight.

Sebastian the Ibis logo.

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North Carolina State Wolfpack Alternate Logo 2023 - Present

North Carolina State Wolfpack

A large red letter "S" with small letters "N" and "C" in the middle with white and black trim.

Former primary logo.

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North Carolina Tar Heels Alternate Logo 2015 - Present

North Carolina Tar Heels

A Carolina blue foot with blue tar on the heel.

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish Alternate Logo 2015 - Present

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Leprechaun with his fists up and ready to fight in navy, green, white, and gold.

A new shades of navy, green, and gold.

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Pittsburgh Panthers Alternate Logo 2020 - Present

Pittsburgh Panthers

A front view of a Panther's head in yellow and royal blue.

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SMU Mustangs Alternate Logo 2019 - Present

SMU Mustangs

Triple-lined letter "D" in blue with mustang logo in red.

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Stanford Cardinal Alternate Logo 2002 - 2015

Stanford Cardinal

A red with white and black trim letter "S."

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Syracuse Orange Alternate Logo 2015 - 2019

Syracuse Orange

A block letter initials "SU" in orange with a blue trim.

A new shade of orange and blue.

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Virginia Cavaliers Alternate Logo 2020 - Present

Virginia Cavaliers

The face of Virginia Athletics for decades, the Cavalier personifies the excitement and spirit of our program. In this fierce new alternate logo, the Cavalier takes a fighting stance...

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Virginia Tech Hokies Alternate Logo 2014 - Present

Virginia Tech Hokies

A crimson and orange HokieBird's head.

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Wake Forest Demon Deacons Alternate Logo 2020 - Present

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

A silhouette of the demon deacon walking with top hat, coat tails, and cane.

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By proudly displaying the ACC Alternate Logo, fans can demonstrate their unwavering support for their favorite teams and celebrate the thrilling rivalries that have unfolded throughout the conference's history. Whether you're a die-hard fan of basketball, football, or any other ACC sport, this logo symbolizes loyalty and dedication to the conference and its member schools.

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