Big 10 Alternate Logo

Alternate Logos

Illinois Fighting Illini Alternate Logo 2022 - Present

Illinois Fighting Illini

Victory Shield - shield with the letter "I" with orange stripes.

A new shade of orange.

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Indiana Hoosiers Alternate Logo 2002 - Present

Indiana Hoosiers

Interlocked white with thick red outline letters "IU."

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Iowa Hawkeyes Alternate Logo 2012 - Present

Iowa Hawkeyes

A black block letter "I" with gold and white trim and a gold side view of a hawk's head.

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Maryland Terrapins Alternate Logo 2012 - Present

Maryland Terrapins

A brown with red and yellow shell terrapin holding a letter "M" in red with white trim.

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Michigan State Spartans Alternate Logo 2010 - Present

Michigan State Spartans

A side view of a green with silver trim Spartan warrior helmet.

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Michigan Wolverines Alternate Logo 2016 - Present

Michigan Wolverines

The letter "M" in blue with yellow trim.

New shade of yellow.

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Minnesota Gophers Alternate Logo 1986 - Present

Minnesota Golden Gophers

A yellow letter "M" with maroon outline.

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Nebraska Cornhuskers Alternate Logo 2016 - Present

Nebraska Cornhuskers

A scripted wordmark "Huskers" in red.

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Northwestern Wildcats Alternate Logo 1981 - Present

Northwestern Wildcats

A purple wildcat's head shot coming out of a purple with white trim letter "N."

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Ohio State Buckeyes Alternate Logo 1991 - Present

Ohio State Buckeyes

A red letter "O" with a white and grey outline. The letter "O" represents the state of Ohio.

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Oregon Ducks Alternate Logo 2013 - Present

Oregon Ducks

Side view of a duck with a green and yellow scarf and hat.

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Penn State Nittany Lions Secondary Logo 2005 - Present

Penn State Nittany Lions

A blue paw print.

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Purdue Boilermakers Alternate Logo 2012 - Present

Purdue Boilermakers

Straight on view of a black and gold steam engine train with wordmark "PURDUE" in gold on the front of the train.

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Rutgers Scarlet Knights Alternate Logo 2016 - Present

Rutgers Scarlet Knights

A side view of a red and black knight's helmet with a white and black feather plume.

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Southern California Trojans Alternate Logo 2016 - Present

Southern California Trojans

A gold with cardinal red trim shield with the interlocking letters "SC" in cardinal red. The letters "SC" represent the state of Southern California.

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UCLA Bruins Alternate Logo 2017 - Present

UCLA Bruins

Olde English letter "B" Logo in all blue.

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Washington Huskies Alternate Logo 2016 - Present

Washington Huskies

A huskie's paw print in white and purple with a gold letter "W" at the bottom.

A new shade of purple.

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Wisconsin Badgers Alternate Logo 2017 - Present

Wisconsin Badgers

A red letter "W" with black drop shadow with a wordmark "BADGERS" in red.

Colors remained the same but a new typeface was adopted.

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The Big Ten Conference: A Historic Legacy

The Big Ten Conference, commonly referred to as the B1G, stands as the oldest and most storied Division I collegiate athletic conference in the United States. With a rich history that spans over a century, this conference has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of college athletics.

Evolution from Western Conference to Big Nine Conference

Originally established in 1896 as the Western Conference, the conference underwent several transformations before adopting its current name. In 1907, the conference expanded to include nine member institutions, leading to its rebranding as the Big Nine Conference. Over time, the conference continued to grow and evolve, ultimately becoming the Big Ten Conference in 1917 with the addition of the University of Michigan.

A Powerhouse of Athletic Excellence

The Big Ten Conference comprises fourteen esteemed member institutions, as of 2016, including renowned universities such as the Ohio State University, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Pennsylvania State University. These institutions have a long-standing tradition of athletic prowess across a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, and more. The conference consistently produces top-tier athletes who go on to achieve remarkable success both during their collegiate careers and in professional sports.

A Legacy of Academic Excellence

While the Big Ten Conference's athletic achievements are widely celebrated, its commitment to academic excellence is equally noteworthy. Member institutions within the conference place a strong emphasis on the holistic development of student-athletes, ensuring a balance between academic rigor and athletic pursuits. The Big Ten Conference fosters an environment that encourages its student-athletes to excel in the classroom, providing robust academic support systems and resources to help them succeed academically and prepare for their future careers.

The Big Ten Conference Wordmark Logo

The Big Ten Conference's Wordmark Logo represents the conference's identity and values. It serves as a visual representation of the conference's commitment to excellence, sportsmanship, and tradition. With its bold and distinctive design, the logo symbolizes the conference's rich history and enduring legacy. It stands as a proud emblem of the Big Ten Conference's dedication to fostering athletic achievement, academic excellence, and personal growth among its member institutions.

A Thriving Community of Passionate Fans and Alumni

The Big Ten Conference is fortunate to have a passionate and dedicated community of fans and alumni who contribute to the vibrant atmosphere surrounding conference events. These individuals demonstrate unwavering support for their respective schools and teams, creating an electrifying environment during games and competitions. The Big Ten Conference takes pride in fostering a strong sense of community among its fans and alumni, who forge lifelong connections through their shared enthusiasm and love for their schools and the conference.

In conclusion, the Big Ten Conference, formerly known as the Western Conference and the Big Nine Conference, holds a cherished place in the history and fabric of collegiate athletics in the United States. With its fourteen esteemed member institutions, commitment to athletic and academic excellence, iconic wordmark logo, and passionate community of fans and alumni, the Big Ten Conference continues to shape the future of college sports while honoring its remarkable legacy.

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