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Major League Soccer Primary Logo 2015 - Present


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Major League Soccer Primary Logo 2015 - Present


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Major League Soccer Primary Logo 2015 - Present


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The MLS logo has undergone several transformations throughout its history, representing the league's growth, evolution, and commitment to soccer in North America. Let's delve into the journey of the MLS logo and explore its significance and impact on the league's visual identity.

When Major League Soccer was established in 1993, it introduced its inaugural logo, featuring a stylized soccer ball with three stars above it. The stars symbolized the three pillars of the league: club, country, and community. The logo's vibrant color scheme and dynamic design captured the essence of the sport and set the foundation for the league's visual identity.

2007 MLS unveiled a new logo to reflect the league's growth and progress. The updated logo retained the soccer ball element but introduced a more streamlined and modern design. The stars were replaced by an upward-arching swoosh, representing the league's forward momentum and aspirations. The logo's sleek typography and contemporary look signified MLS's commitment to staying relevant in the ever-evolving world of sports.

2014 MLS underwent another logo redesign, opting for a more simplified and minimalist approach. The new logo featured a simplified soccer ball with a single star, representing the league's unified and singular focus on soccer. The typography was refined, making the logo more versatile and adaptable across various platforms and mediums. This logo refresh aimed to convey MLS's maturity as a league and its commitment to showcasing the best of North American soccer.

In 2020, MLS again evolved its logo to mark the league's 25th season. This iteration took inspiration from the original 1993 logo, reimagining it with a more contemporary and dynamic look. The redesigned logo featured a refined soccer ball with a cascading series of smaller stars, symbolizing the league's growth and the interconnectedness of its teams, players, and fans. The typography was updated to a bold and modern font, emphasizing the league's confident and progressive stance.

The MLS logo has become an iconic soccer symbol in North America, representing the league's commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and innovation. With each redesign, the logo has evolved to reflect the league's growth, adaptability, and connection with its fans. As the MLS continues to expand its reach and impact, we can expect the logo to evolve further, capturing the spirit and excitement of soccer in North America for years to come.

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