California Golden Bears Alternate Logo


The Golden Bears alternate logo history has a simple but creative set of logos. There is not a lot of duplication.

Pick your favorite California Golden Bears alternate logo?

California Golden Bears
2013 - Present

A golden bear charging with mouth wide open in the colors of golden and blue.


California Golden Bears
2004 - 2012

A yellow and orange bear’s head with paw in a purple circle with script wordmark “Cal” on top and “GOLDEN BEARS” in purple with yellow trim.

Former primary logo, retired in 2003.


California Golden Bears
1992 - 2012

Side view of walking blue bear with wordmark “UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA” in yellow on a blue background and “BERKELEY” in blue on the bottom.

Similar the walking bear in the California state flag.


California Golden Bears
1982 - Present

Wordmark “Cal” in Yellow on blue bear’s paw.