Cleveland Browns Alternate Logo


The Browns primary logo is one of the most unimpressive logos in the NFL today with a helmet logo. In today era, using your helmet as your primary logo just does not seem right. The Browns alternate logos have some credibility. The strong and simple dawg outline is a great look. Even the headshot of a bulldog is again ferocious and intimidating. The football with the letter “B” is a nice touch and used more and more every year.

Pick your favorite Cleveland Browns alternate logo?

Cleveland Browns
2015 - Present

A brown bulldog profile outline with a snarling face.


Cleveland Browns
2003 - 2014

Letter “B” inside brown outline of a football with orange and brown stripes.


Cleveland Browns
2003 - 2014

Orange and brown bulldog and brown, white and orange eyes with a front view called “Dawg.”


Cleveland Browns
1999 - 2002

When the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, the team introduced a “Dawg Poung” logo. A brown and white Dawg wearing a Brown’s helmet clenching an orange football in his mouth.


Cleveland Browns
1960 - 1969

A brown dressed Elf running with a football in a straight arm position.