Los Angeles Rams Primary Logo


The Rams were the first NFL team to have a logo on their helmets. Ever since halfback Fred Gehrke, who worked as a commercial artist in off-seasons, painted ram horns on the team’s leather helmets in 1948, the logo has been the club’s trademark. A ram’s head has been a part of their logo for all their different locations: Cleveland, St. Louis, and Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Rams
2017 - Present

Ram’s head in blue and white facing to the right.

Color change from the previous logo.

Los Angeles Rams

In moving back to Los Angeles, the Rams kept the same logo from their St. Louis days. The logo of a rams head is strong and sleek looking logo. Ram head in blue and gold facing to the right.

St. Louis Rams
2000 - 2015

In 2000 following the Super Bowl win, a new logo of a blue charging ram’s head with gold horns and a gold outline was designed.

St. Louis Rams
1995 - 1999

In St. Louis the Rams logo, changed to a wordmark “ST. LOUIS” in yellow on a blue background above the other wordmark “Rams” in blue with yellow border and a blue and yellow replica of the St. Louis Arch. Noticed the similarities to the unused proposed expansion team St. Louis Stallions logo.

Los Angeles Rams
1989 - 1994

The final Los Angeles logo featured a 3/4 view of a dark blue helmet and a modern face mask with yellow rams horns wrapped around the earhole.

Los Angeles Rams
1983 - 1988

The next Rams logo is a major change to a “helmet logo.” The logo is a side view of dark blue helmet and blue face mask with yellow rams horns wrap around the earhole.

Los Angeles Rams
1970 - 1982

The Ram’s logo went through very minor changes, by eliminating the yellow horns. They are now just white like the rest of the ram’s head.

Los Angeles Rams
1951 - 1969

The Ram’s changed their logo in 1951 and eliminated the color blue from the logo. The white ram’s head has more detail with the black outline. As well the yellow ram’s horns has more detail.

Los Angeles Rams
1946 - 1950

In 1946 the Rams moved to Los Angeles and used the Cleveland logo for four years with no changes.

Cleveland Rams
1944 - 1945

In 1944, the Ram’s logo has the ram now facing to the left and the color of black is added. Still a blue ram with a black and blue outline.

Cleveland Rams
1941 - 1942

Original Ram’s logo featured a blue ram head facing to the right.