Boston Patriots Alternate Logo


The Boston Patriots alternate logo history has some creative logo designs from the ’70s. The shield logo from 1965 – 1969 is classy and stoic looking. The old looking football in white with the patriots’ logo and wordmark from 1961 – 1964 is a unique look for the ’60s.

Pick your favorite Boston Patriots alternate logo?

Boston Patriots
1965 - 1969

A patriot about to hike the football on a white shield with red trim. Wordmark “BOSTON PATRIOTS” in white at the top of the shield.


Boston Patriots
1961 - 1964

A patriot about to hike the football on a old antique football. Wordmark “BOSTON PATRIOTS” in red between the patriot.


Boston Patriots

Blue Tri-quarter Revolutionary War hat over wordmark “PATRIOTS” in a patriotic red, white and blue script.