New York Giants Primary Logo


The New York Giants have experimented with several logos throughout their iconic history. Giants logos have revolved around three distinct concepts: a “giant” football player poised to throw a pass, the word “Giants” and variations on the initials for New York.

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New York Giants
2000 - Present

In the 2000 season, an updated stylized blue and red trim lowercase “ny” returned as the primary logo. Controversy surrounded the change because the team remained in New Jersey.

New York Giants
1976 - 1999

The uppercase “NY” was itself replaced a season later by the team nickname written out in bold italicized white capital letters “GIANTS.” This change was sparked by the team moving its operations to the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

New York Giants

In 1975, a stylized white and blue uppercase “NY” replaced the solid blue “ny.” The letters “NY” stand for New York.

New York Giants
1961 - 1974

Starting in 1961, a stylized blue lowercase “ny” was added to both sides of the team’s helmet. The letters “ny” stand for New York.

New York Giants
1956 - 1960

The giant blue quarterback towers above Yankee Stadium the team’s home from 1956 – 1973.

New York Giants
1950 - 1955

Prior to the 1961 campaign, the Giants official logo was the “giant quarterback” logo created by Marie Barclay Steinmuller. The logo featured a Giant’s Quarterback about to throw the football in white and blue on a red background. A wordmark “NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS” in white.

New York Giants
1945 - 1949

The “giant quarterback” logo is illustrative of the evolution of both the Giants and the sport that they play. Initially, the giant quarterback towers above the New York City skyline.