Toronto Raptors Wordmark Logo


The Raptors have had a strong wordmark logo over their existence. The 1996 wordmark logo is a great looking wordmark logo.

Select your favorite Toronto Raptors wordmark logo?

Toronto Raptors
2016 - Present

Two lined wordmark “TORONTO” on top and ”
RAPTORS” on the bottom all in black.

Font: LTC Squareface by Lanston Type Company

Toronto Raptors
2009 - 2015

Single line wordmark “RAPTORS” in red with black outline.

Font: Unknown

Toronto Raptors
2000 - 2008

Single line wordmark “TORONTO” in purple and “RAPTORS” in red.

Font: Unknown

Toronto Raptors
1996 - 1999

Single line wordmark “RAPTORS” in grey with black outline.

Font: Unknown

Toronto Raptors
1996 - 2015

Double line wordmark “RAPTORS” on the bottom with larger letters on the end – “R” and “S” in black and “TORONTO” on top in black.

Font: Unknown