Phoenix Coyotes Wordmark Logo


The Phoenix Coyotes have several nice wordmark logos while being called “Phoenix.”

Select your favorite Phoenix Coyotes wordmark logo?

Phoenix Coyotes
2009 - 2014

A double lined wordmark “PHOENIX” in Sedona red and “Coyotes” scripted in tan with black outline on Sedona red background.

Font: Sign Painter House Script

Phoenix Coyotes
2004 - 2008

Wordmark “COYOTES” in tan and red on black background, with “PHOENIX” above on a tan background.

Font: Unknown

Phoenix Coyotes
2000 - 2003

A sienna-colored Coyote wearing half of a sand-colored goalie mask and a brick red hockey jersey with hunter green pants. Clutching a sand hockey stick with a purple crescent moon logo on its chest. This logo was also used from 1997 until 1999 with a slightly brighter shade of brick red instead of what is seen here.

Font: Unknown

Phoenix Coyotes
1997 - 2003

Double lined Wordmark “COYOTES” in brick color and “PHOENIX” in sand color all on black background.

Font: Unknown