Dallas Stars Primary Logo


The ninja star logo was the first time the Dallas franchise moved away from a design that was used by the team from Minnesota and the color was lightened again. The way the star and the “D” is sharply designed and colored kind of makes it looks like a spur, which is a nice fit in Texas. This logo symbolizing Dallas’ nickname as “The Big D.”

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Dallas Stars
2014 - Present

A new logo was introduced for the 2013 – 2014 season. Silver replaced gold as the tertiary color, while green in a bright new shade called “Victory Green”, similar to the old North Stars’ shade of green was reintroduced as a primary color. The new logo features the letter “D” centering on a white with silver star and a green border around everything.

Dallas Stars
1995 - 2013

In 1995 the Stars only made minor color changes to the logo. The green and gold are darkened.

Dallas Stars

In 1993 – 1994, the Stars were northern no more, dropping the geographical reference from their name after moving south to Dallas. The logo used in the last days of the North Stars was retained, though the green and yellow were darkened even further. The wordmark “DALLAS” was also added in green above “STARS.”

Minnesota North Stars
1992 - 1993

For the last two years before the team left for Dallas, the North Stars logo changed to a simple green with thick gold border in the center. A wordmark “STARS” in gold on top of the star.

Minnesota North Stars
1986 - 1991

The North Stars upgraded the logo by dropped the green circle around the image and added a yellow shadow behind the green “N.” The north star is yellow with a green trim.

Minnesota North Stars
1968 - 1985

The first logo a stylish “N” pointing towards the northern yellow with green trim star inside a green circle on a white background.

Cleveland Barons
1976 - 1978

The state of Ohio with a black olde english letter “B” on top of the state. The letter “C” in maroon with a black outline engulfing the state. Wordmark “CLEVELAND” in white on top of the letter “C” and wordmark “BARONS” in white on the bottom.

California Golden Seals
1975 - 1976

A single line wordmark in teal with a yellow outline “Seals.”

California Golden Seals
1971 - 1974

A single line wordmark in green with a yellow outline “Seals.”

Bay Area Seals

A double line wordmark in green with a yellow outline “The Seals.

Oakland Seals
1968 - 1970

Yellow, black and green seal holding a hockey stick on a blue and black outline letter “O.”

California Seals

Yellow, black and green seal holding a hockey stick inside a blue with black outline “C.”