Milwaukee Braves Alternate Logo


The Braves alternate logo shows it’s history length with the date of an establishment listed and the added tomahawks give it a strong logo look. The stylish letter “A” has a nice look with the unique font. The 70’s logo of a feather does not hit the mark.

Pick your favorite Milwaukee Braves alternate logo?

Milwaukee Braves
1957 - 1966

A laughing native American with a black mohawk and one brown and black feather in his hair.


Milwaukee Braves
1956 - 1965

A silhouette of a laughing native American with a mohawk and one feather in his hair.


Milwaukee Braves
1954 - 1965

Native American head laughing with a white and black feather and white ear ring inside red State of Wisconsin.


Milwaukee Braves
1953 - 1956

Native American with full red and white head dress with a yellow background circle.