Cleveland Indians Alternate Logo


Variations of Chief Wahoo, the smiling symbol of the Cleveland Indians has been the main alternate logo for over 50 years.

Pick your favorite Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo alternate logo?

Cleveland Indians
2014 - Present

Chief Wahoo, a red native American caricature wearing a single-feathered headband. Used as the Indians primary logo for decades before being relegated as an alternate logo prior to 2014 season.


Cleveland Indians
2002 - 2007

Chief Wahoo outlined in silver and blue.


Cleveland Indians
1979 - 1985

Chief Wahoo facing the left in red and black. Worn on Indians jersey sleeve from 1979 – 1985. Indians switched to a red and blue Wahoo logo on the sleeves in 1986.


Cleveland Indians
1973 - 1978

Chief Wahoo swinging a baseball bat with a leg up on top of a white baseball with red stitches, worn on Indians jersey sleeve from 1973 – 1978. Note, that this version features a darker shade of blue than the primary logo of the time.


Cleveland Indians
1951 - 1962

Chief Wahoo facing the left in red and black. Worn on Indians jersey sleeve from 1951 – 1962.


Cleveland Indians
1949 - 1955

Chief Wahoo wearing a white crown, created to celebrate Indians World Series Championship in 1948.


Cleveland Indians
1947 - 1950

Chief Wahoo with tan skin, red headband and feather. Worn on sleeve of Indians jerseys during this period.