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Primary Logos

Major League Soccer has a long and rich tradition of primary logos that started back in the '1990s. Turn back the clock and see all the classic logos from all of the Major League Soccer teams. MLS Primary Logo.

See each and every MLS team’s logo. Click on any logo to see the team.


Atlanta United FC

A black roundel logo with a bold letter "A" in gold on a black and red background. Wordmark "ATLANTA UNITED FC" encircled in gold.

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Austin FC

Twin green oak trees inside a black with green trim shield and wordmark "AUSTIN" above in white.

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CF Montréal

The shield, which has long been part of Montreal Impact’s branding; a stylized white fleur-de-lys to represent Quebec; the blue and black stripes worn by the team when it won its first championship; the year…

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Charlotte FC

A roundel logo with wordmark "CHARLOTTE FOOTBALL CLUB" in white and "MINTED 2022" in blue on a black background. The white crown represents Queen Charlotte and the four spires for the four wards of the…

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Chicago Fire FC

A light-blue Florian cross with a red letter “C” and a Chicago six-pointed star in the center with a black outline. A streamlined version of the club’s original Florian Cross crest.

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Colorado Rapids

Red and blue with grey trim badge with a white, red and blue soccer ball, blue, white and grey mountains, and a wordmark "COLORADO RAPIDS" in white. The year 96' in red below the mountains.

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Columbus Crew SC

After revealing a new name and logo within two weeks, the Columbus team has again a new name and logo. Continuing with the same theme the newly minted name of "Columbus Crew" has added the…

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D.C. United

A black, white and red shield-looking emblem that features a D.C. flag-inspired design across the black, white and red eagle with more dynamic wings and a wordmark "D.C. UNITED" in black.

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FC Cincinnati

A lion holding a sword and wearing a crown inside a blue and orange with a black trim shield. Diagonal wordmark "CINCINNATI" in black.

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FC Dallas

A blue, white and red longhorn on a blue and red with white and red trim shield with Texas flag colors under a wordmark "FC DALLAS" in white. The year "96" in grey below the…

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Houston Dynamo FC

An orange design element of the initials "HD," the white wordmark "Houston Dynamo FC" underneath, and an orange lightning graphic at the bottom.

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Inter Miami CF

The crest, designed in style and colors that recall the city's Art Deco architectural tradition, displays two great white herons with interlocking legs forming a letter M. Between the herons is an eclipse, the sun…

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LA Galaxy

A blue with light blue and yellow border shield, initials "LA" in white and a wordmark "GALAXY" in blue on a yellow banner. A quasar star is at the top of the crest.

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Los Angeles FC

A black with a gold trim shield with the initials “LA” with wings coming out of the letter "A" and wordmark "LOS ANGELES" in gold on top and below "FOOTBALL CLUB" in gold.

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Minnesota United FC

A blue and grey crest with a black with a red-eye loon, a grey North Star, a blue stripe in the middle of the crest and the initials “MNUFC” in black diagonally at the bottom.

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Nashville SC

Blue sound waves on both sides of a blue letter "N" inside a yellow with blue trim octagon and below a wordmark "NASHVILLE SC" in blue.

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New England Revolution

A stylized letter “R”, invoking the club’s name, in a style reminiscent of the Revolutionary War era. A red strikethrough of the letter "R" roots the club’s identity in the defiant and patriotic spirit of…

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New York City FC

Interlocking initials "NYC" design in white on a blue circle with a powder blue circle and orange trim surrounding. Wordmark "NEW YORK CITY" and "FOOTBALL CLUB" written on powder blue outer circle. Two pentagons (representing…

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New York Red Bull

Two red bulls charging a black and white soccer ball with a yellow background on a white with blue trim shield. Two wordmark "Red Bulls" in red on top and "NEW YORK" arched in blue…

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Orlando City SC

A purple with a white and purple trim shield with a yellow lions head looking like a sun above a wordmark "ORLANDO CITY" in white.

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Philadelphia Union

A blue roundel logo with gold outline and a center with light blue and gold and white trim. In the center, there’s a blue shield with a golden snake and a wordmark “UNION”. Encircle is…

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Portland Timbers

A green with an orange trim circle with a superimposed white ax and orange strokes coming from the ax.

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Real Salt Lake

Initials "RSL" in gold and red located in the center and around the initials are circles in both red and gold under a gold crown with a gold, white and red soccer ball inside a…

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San Jose Earthquakes

A black with white and black trim, with shortened team nickname "QUAKES" in white above city name "San Jose" and establishment year. A soccer ball is shown in between a blue and black pattern. This…

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Seattle Sounders FC

A green, white and black shield of the Seattle space needle and blue with white and black trim geometric shape behind the shield. Wordmark "SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC" in black on a white with a black…

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Sporting Kansas City

A grey shield with a wordmark "KANSAS CITY" in white at the top of the shield. Below the wordmark is a blue with a white trim mini shield with a wordmark "SPORTING" in white above…

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St. Louis City SC

The original primary crest for St Louis City SC is a red and blue shield which incorporates the famous Gateway Arch as well as two additional lines representing the Mississippi River and Missouri River. The…

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Toronto FC

A stylized white and red maple leaf on top of a white and grey shield with a dark grey letter "T" and a red ribbon across it the center with a wordmark "TORONTO" in white.…

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Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Triple upside-down V's to make whitecap mountains and mirrored triple reverse V's in blue for water whitecaps. Centered is a wordmark "VANCOUVER WHITECAPS FC" in white.

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