Exploring the History of the Colorado Rapids Logo

Exploring the History of the Colorado Rapids Logo

Logos are central to a team's identity, and the Colorado Rapids are just as famous for their distinct branding as their prowess on the field. Want to know more about the club logo and how it came about? We've got you covered.

Past and present logos of the Colorado Rapids

The Colorado Rapids have rebranded their logo twice since the club began. Three logos have been created so far, prompted by the club's several transformations. Here's a brief timeline of the different logos and their design elements.

1996 - 1999: The original logo

Colorado Rapids Primary Logo 1996 - 1999
The Colorado Rapids football club was formed in 1996 and was among the ten founding members of Major League Soccer. The original logo design was bold and dynamic and, unsurprisingly, was inspired by the state's landscape.

The logo depicts the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It also features a tide where a rapid stream washes the base of the peaks. Above the landscape, "Colorado" is printed in green, whereas "Rapids" is printed against the mountain's gray backdrop. The graphics are outlined in black and white lines.

2000 - 2006: A shift to the secondary emblem

Moving into the new millennium, the club began rebranding efforts to modernize its image. As a result, the secondary logo, which had been around since 1996, became the primary logo, while the Mountain River logo took second place. The new design retained the wave element while introducing a more streamlined and modern look.

The emblem consists of a soccer ball inside a 16-point green star on a white background. It's further surrounded by three blue, white, and gold rings. Inside the blue circle, "Colorado Rapids" is printed in golden letters.

2007 - now: Crest-style logo

Colorado Rapids Primary Logo 2007 - Present
The club's logo was adopted in 2007. This one is a more traditional crest-style logo. It features a shield stylized with burgundy, sky blue, and silver – the Rapids' new color scheme. Inside the shield is an image of a soccer ball backdropped by a graphical depiction of Colorado's iconic Rocky Mountains. Atop of the peaks is the club name printed in white letters. Below the mountain, the number 96 is pasted in honor of when the club was formed. The new color palette also honors the state flag, a superb choice.

About the US soccer team

Colorado Rapids is a soccer team from Denver. The club represented the Western Conference of Major League Soccer and won the MLS Cup 2010. They are currently in fourth place on the table and remain among the big contenders for the crown next season.

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A great logo helps keep a legacy alive. Through its logos, this club has been steadily honoring Colorado's prominent features and traditions, from the dynamic wave of 1996 to the refined crest of today.


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