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Alternate Logos

Major League Soccer has a long and rich tradition of alternate logos that started back in the '1990s. Turn back the clock and see all the classic logos from all of the Major League Soccer teams. MLS Alternate logo.

See each and every MLS team’s logo. Click on any logo to see the team.


Chicago Fire FC

A mirror image of a crown in orange on top and a flame in red below.

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Colorado Rapids

Slight colors adjusted from the previous logo. A roundel logo with a soccer ball in the center on a green stared background with a circular wordmark "COLORADO RAPIDS" in gold with white trim on a…

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Columbus SC

This the letter "C" in black pulled out of the primary logo in a custom font with a triangle in the bottom right side of the letter "C."

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D.C. United

A black, white and red eagle's head above a wordmark "D.C." in black and "UNITED" in red with a black underscore.

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FC Cincinnati

Initials "FCC" in orange and blue with a blue crown on top of the last letter "C."

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LA Galaxy

Initials "LA" in teal with black trim inside a yellow circle with a black abstract formed galaxy.

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Los Angeles FC

Initials “LAFC” with wings coming out of the letter "A" in gold with black trim.

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Minnesota United FC

Angled wordmark "MINNESOTA" in black and "UNITED FC" in blue and a black with a red-eye loon above to the right.

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New England Revolution

A stylized letter “R”, invoking the club’s name, in a style reminiscent of the Revolutionary War era. A red strikethrough of the letter "R" roots the club’s identity in the defiant and patriotic spirit of…

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New York City FC

A light blue circle with a triple-lined wordmark "NEW YORK" in blue and "City" in white and "FC" in blue.

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Philadelphia Union

A black with a gold trim shield with a gold snake on a light blue and black background and a wordmark above "UNION" in gold.

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Portland Timbers

A green with a yellow trim circle with a superimposed white ax and yellow strokes coming from the ax. Wordmark "PORTLAND" in white and "TIMBERS" in yellow.

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Real Salt Lake

Initials "RSL" in gold and red located in the center and around the initials are circles in both red and gold under a gold crown with a gold, white and red soccer ball inside a…

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San Jose Earthquakes

Wordmark "EARTHQUAKES" in black and "SAN JOSE" in black also "1974" in red above the primary logo.

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Seattle Sounders FC

A green, blue and white shield with a black Space Needle centered with initials on both sides of the needle. The initials are "SS" and "FC" in white.

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Sporting Kansas City

A grey shield with a wordmark "KANSAS CITY" in white at the top of the shield. Below the wordmark is a blue with white trim mini shield with a wordmark "SPORTING" in white above light…

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Toronto FC

A stylized white and red maple leaf on top of a white and grey shield with a dark grey letter "T."

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