Sports Logo Redesigns That Worked Out Very Well

Sports Logo Redesigns That Worked Out Very Well

This fantastic collection showcases ten of the most extraordinary sports logo redesigns. These logos revamps brought a vibrant, compelling visual identity to numerous sports teams, effectively reflecting the spirit of each franchise and achieving great success with both team members and their supporters.

Ranging from gentle tweaks to more daring and current facelifts, these transformations have proven the remarkable ability of brand makeovers.

Toronto Raptors / NBA

Toronto Raptors Primary Logo 2021 - Present

Toronto Raptors Primary Logo 2021 - Present

The Toronto Raptors revamped their look in 2015, introducing a makeover with an iconic black circular logo outlined in red, reminiscent of the classic game of Roulette on online casino real money websites. The badge consisted of white sans-serif lettering around the circumference and a stylized gray and black basketball with raptor claw marks embedded diagonally on its left side.

In 2020, the Toronto basketball team's logo adopted a new look. Sporting a black background and white lettering, it is bordered by a white outline, within which sits a red basketball at the center – symbolic of commitment and professionalism. The colors signify so much more: the club's tenacity and readiness to compete.

Seattle Seahawks / NFL

2012 the Seattle Seahawks logo was overhauled - a crisp and sharper presentation with the same iconic elements. The variations of blue and lime green now range from light to dark. NFL Properties' internal design staff undertook the makeover during the same time when the team shifted to the NFC.

Since its introduction in 2012, the Seattle Seahawks logo has been iconic, with its signature shape and lines unaltered. Additional colors were included later, such as College Navy, Action Green, and Wolf Grey. These additions brought a refreshing sense of vibrancy to the design.

Golden State Warriors / NBA

In 2010, the Golden State Warriors underwent a radical rebranding. The center of the design featured a light blue loop medallion with a bold yellow and blue outline. On the medallion was a stunning graphic of an elegant drawbridge. Flanking this visual was an eye-catching typography of upper and lowercase serif letters in which the wide curves and crisp lettering could easily be distinguished.

2019 saw the logo evolve again, with a darker, bolder hue and a serif font featuring smoother curves and lengthened lines.

Minnesota Timberwolves / NBA

Minnesota Timberwolves Primary Logo 2017 - Present

Minnesota Timberwolves Primary Logo 2017 - Present

In the spring of 2017, the Minnesota Timberwolves delivered a brand-new look. Their new logo; a gray wolf with navy blue outlines, a navy blue basketball, and a tiny green star. Accentuated by white lettering written in a neat sans-serif font and a dark blue disk surround.

The prior logo showcased bold all-capitalized typography with well-defined edges. Last year, the mark was updated to a sans-serif all-cap font. The letter "A" lacked its horizontal bar and gave an upside-down "V" illusion.

Brooklyn Nets / NBA

The Brooklyn Nets stepped up the game in 2012 by releasing two iconic logos. Spearheaded by co-owner Jay-Z, the first boasts a distinctive shield shape adorned with a 'B' and a basketball, harkening to the transit system of New York City.

The second logo perfectly captures the team's spirit with its black circle incorporating a basketball and the letter 'B.' Together these visuals create a timeless black-and-white identity that has been long-awaited for over a decade.

San Jose Sharks / NHL

San Jose Sharks Primary Logo 2009 - Present

San Jose Sharks Primary Logo 2009 - Present

In 2016, the San Jose Sharks released a new version of their emblem featuring a menacing black and dark green shark with a wide-open mouth. This logo can be used with or without the signature "SJ" monogram. Subsequent iterations saw the colors changed to more vibrant orange tones, and a later design enhancement renovated the look of the shark to make it appear more frightening. Teal was used prominently in this variant.

Toronto Blue Jays / MLB

Toronto Blue Jays Primary Logo 2020 - Present

Toronto Blue Jays Primary Logo 2020 - Present

In 2012, the Toronto Blue Jays resuscitated their classic insignia, with little modifications - polishing specific details of the logo while complementing it with black to emphasize its overall effect.

The Toronto Blue Jays shook up their visual identity this year with a logo makeover. The simplified design eliminates superfluous details in favor of a cleaner approach, transitioning to darker blue. Poised and refined, the modern silhouette of the bird's head houses a distinct maple leaf for a balanced and captivating impression.

Seattle Sounders FC / MLS

Rebranding for the Seattle Sounders FC in 2019 saw a modern update to the recognizable blue and green color palette. Representing the club's close connection to Seattle, the logo incorporates a sleek, simplified rendering of the iconic Space Needle. The rebrand successfully conveyed the essence of the team and resonated strongly with its fans.

Los Angeles Rams / NFL

Los Angeles Rams Primary Logo 2020 - Present

Los Angeles Rams Primary Logo 2020 - Present

As the new year, 2020, ushered in, the Los Angeles Rams revealed a brand-new visual identity. This logo combines blue, yellow, and white colors, showcasing a curved horn shape and stylish typeface. With this new design, the club seeks to depict a balance of progress and timelessness, displaying an aura of professionalism and seriousness packaged with delightfulness and enthusiasm.

The iconic logo features a distinct culmination of a stylish 'LA' monogram in a white and yellow milieu with a blue accent. The 'A,' taking the shape of a ram's horn, imprints an everlasting image, paying homage to the history of the emblem's design.

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