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NFL Teams and Their Logos, A Story About Identity and Pride

If you think of golden arches, you automatically remember McDonald's, right? If you see an apple with a small bite on the upper right side, you think of Apple. Logos have become the most important way to identify a company’s identity throughout the years and with the NFL the story is basically the same. From looking for your team’s latest news and reports to looking up the best options in NFL odds sites to wager on your team, the team’s logo will automatically show you the way to go. 

Nothing can define a team in the NFL better than their logo. If you run into a blue horseshoe you can automatically pair it with the Indianapolis Colts. Find a white “G” with green and yellow, or an orange “C” and you instantly know that what you’re looking at is about the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. So what’s the story with NFL teams and their logos?

Starting Out with the Most Important Logo, The NFL Logo

National Football League Logo

National Football League Logo

If you’re a football fan, then you’ve probably noticed that the NFL hasn’t really done much throughout the years to change their logo or image. And why should they? Since day one, the NFL’s logo has become one with the idea of pro football. The NFL logo used today still has striking resemblances to their original logo from back in 1920, when the league was officially formed. Any real changes that have been made, have been done mostly to modernize the original logo to fill the demands of modern times.

Some small but significant changes that the NFL logo has undergone include the changes done to it in the 1940s which can be considered the last era in which the pro football league’s shield actually had some true work done on itself. The wording in the logo was moved down, and the stars, 25 before, 8 now, representing the eight divisions in the league, were placed above the wording. So really not much has been done.

While Some Teams Are Fond of Tradition Others Love Change

Dallas Cowboys Primary Logo 1964 - Present

Dallas Cowboys Primary Logo 1964 - Present

It has been calculated that on average an NFL team will keep their logo for a period of around 14 years. While with some teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders there haven’t really been any changes to their original logos, a team like the Cincinnati Bengals has the record for most frequent logo changes with an average of changing every 7.7 years. Other teams like the Washington Football Team and Los Angeles Rams are both also known for having done many changes to their respective logos ever since entering the league in the 1930s.

Some teams for example have suffered major changes to their logo and identity due to moving to different cities. What is now the Baltimore Ravens, were before the Baltimore Colts, who ended up moving to Indianapolis, all while keeping their signature blue horseshoe logo. On another hand, who was once the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee to become the Titans, ditching the classic oil tower logo for a blue flaming letter "T" for Titans.

Washington Football Team Alternate Logo 2020 - PresentSports Logo History

Washington Football Team Alternate Logo 2020 - Present

Last but not least there’s the case for the Washington Football Team. The team from the nation’s capital, formerly known as the Washington Redskins, ditched their name and logo in an effort to show more racial conscience in a modern world where acceptance and unity amongst all people without regard for the race is a constant goal to achieve.

Some Teams Just Don’t Want or Need Change

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Primary Logo 1976 - 1996

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Primary Logo 1976 - 1996

While yes, there are teams that have done either drastic or constant changes to their logos, there are others that like to keep their image as simple and classic as always. Classic franchises like the Bears, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, and Raiders have found no real need in doing any major changes to their logos, especially with how strong and recognizable they are to all football fans.

There are certain teams that have ditched their old logos for newer and more modern looks, but maybe going back to their old ways wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Teams like the Patriots, Broncos, Rams, and Buccaneers are a few that come to mind. Given that their old logos were so visibly powerful, maybe going back wouldn’t be such a mistake, but staying put is also good as well.

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