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Conference USA
FIU Panthers Wordmark Logo 2017 - Present

FIU Panthers

Scripted wordmark "Panthers" with a underscore but not connected, in blue with thick gold trim.

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Jacksonville State Gamecocks Wordmark Logo 2002 - Present

Jacksonville State Gamecocks

Initials "JSU" in red with white highlights and on a black formed background.

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Kennesaw State Owls Wordmark Logo 2012 - Present

Kennesaw State Owls

A wordmark "KENNESAW" in yellow and "STATE" in white with "OWLS" in black on a yellow banner, all on a black background with a silver trim.

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Liberty Flames Wordmark Logo 2013 - Present

Liberty Flames

Double lined wordmark "LIBERTY FLAMES" with liberty in red and flames in blue.

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Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Alternate Logo 2008 - Present

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

Blue, red and white bulldog head wearing a red with blue trim dog collar with wordmark "TECH" in blue. Wordmark "LOUISIANA" on top in blue, "TECH" in red and "BULLDOGS" in white on a blue background banner.

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Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Wordmark Logo 2019 - Present

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders

Wordmark "BLUE RAIDERS" in blue.

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New Mexico State Aggies Wordmark Logo 2006 - Present

New Mexico State Aggies

The initials "NM" above "STATE" are in red.

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Sam Houston State Bearkats Wordmark Logo 2020 - Present

Sam Houston State Bearkats

Wordmark "SAM HOUSTON" in grey above the wordmark "BEARKATS" in orange italics with a full body bearkat walking with a white sweater with the initials "SH" in orange below the two wordmarks.

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UTEP Miners Wordmark Logo 1999 - Present

UTEP Miners

Wordmark "UTEP" in blue with orange highlights and "MINERS" in orange.

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Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Wordmark Logo 2020 - Present

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

A scripted wordmark "Tops" in red with black trim.

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Conference USA (C-USA) stands as a prominent collegiate athletic conference, boasting member institutions strategically situated in the vibrant landscape of the Southern United States. With a resolute commitment to fostering athletic prowess and academic achievement, C-USA actively participates in the NCAA's Division I across an extensive range of sports, catalyzing sporting excellence in the region.

Forging a Legacy of Collaboration and Competition

Conference USA was established with the visionary aim of uniting esteemed universities and colleges within the Southern United States. This collective effort aimed to consolidate their strengths, enhance their competitive spirit, and elevate the regional sporting achievement level. By joining forces under the C-USA umbrella, these institutions propelled themselves to the forefront of collegiate athletics.

Since its inception, C-USA has continually sought to expand its reach and strengthen its reputation. By extending invitations to renowned institutions, the conference has solidified its position as a premier platform for athletic competition in the Southern United States. Each member institution brings its unique legacy, traditions, and rivalries, fueling the conference's vibrant tapestry of sporting excellence.

Member Institutions: Powerhouses of Southern Athletic Tradition

Conference USA's member institutions represent the epitome of Southern sporting tradition. These esteemed universities and colleges, deeply rooted in their respective communities, prioritize the holistic development of their student-athletes. Through their participation in C-USA, these institutions provide a nurturing environment that fosters academic growth, athletic achievement, and personal development.

With a commitment to excellence, member institutions within C-USA actively compete across various sports. The conference's rigorous schedule and high level of competition create an atmosphere that pushes student-athletes to reach their full potential, fostering camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a determination to succeed.

C-USA Wordmark Logo: Symbolizing Unity and Distinction

At the core of C-USA's visual identity is its distinctive wordmark logo. This logo is a powerful symbol that encapsulates the conference's values and aspirations. Meticulously designed to convey a sense of unity, excellence, and Southern pride, the C-USA wordmark logo resonates with fans, athletes, and supporters across the region.

The C-USA wordmark logo's modern aesthetic and subtle nods to the region's cultural heritage capture the essence of the conference's identity. As it graces merchandise, uniforms, and promotional materials, the logo becomes a recognizable emblem that embodies C-USA's unwavering commitment to inspiring and shaping the future of collegiate athletics in the Southern United States.

In conclusion, Conference USA (C-USA) is a distinguished collegiate athletic conference that unites member institutions across the Southern United States. With active participation in the NCAA's Division I, C-USA member institutions compete at the highest level, embodying the spirit of Southern sporting excellence. The conference's wordmark logo visually represents its brand, symbolizing its commitment to unity, excellence, and the pursuit of athletic greatness. Through collaboration and a shared passion for competition, C-USA continues to elevate the landscape of collegiate athletics in the Southern United States.

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