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Summit Logo Battle

The Summit League is an NCAA Division I conference featuring some of the nation's best college basketball teams. These teams battle it out on the court every year to determine who will be crowned champion. But recently, they’ve also been competing off-the-court by showing off their team logos and mascots in a friendly competition known as The Summit League Logo Battle!

This logo battle has become one of the most exciting events for sports fans across all divisions of college basketball. It pits each school’s unique design against each other to see which can capture fan votes and win bragging rights among their peers. In addition to being fun for spectators, this event is a great way to promote schools within The Summit League while giving fans something new and exciting every year.

This season's logo battle was incredibly close, with several contenders vying for first-place honors, including South Dakota State University's Jackrabbit mascot alongside North Dakota State University's Bison mascot – both popular choices amongst voters! Ultimately, it was Oral Roberts University whose Golden Eagle won out thanks mainly to its bold colors & striking design that set itself apart from other entries in this year’s contest.

With such fierce competition between these talented schools & creative designs representing them - we can only imagine what next season will bring when they face off again during The 2021/2022 Logo Battle! Sports fans everywhere should keep an eye on this upcoming showdown as there are sure to be plenty more surprises along with some fantastic designs up for grabs at stake once again come next summertime…

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