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WAC Conference Primary Logo 2014 - Present

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WAC Logo Battle

The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) is one of the most competitive and exciting conferences in college sports. Every year, teams from across the country battle it for conference supremacy. But there’s another competition taking place off the field: logo battles!

Each team in the WAC has a unique logo that helps define its identity and sets it apart from other teams. These logos are often seen adorning fan merchandise like hats, t-shirts, mugs, and more - making them essential to a team's brand recognition. As such, some fans take great pride in displaying their favorite team's logos proudly!

To help determine which WAC school has the best logo design each year, we've created our very own Logo Battle Bracket! This bracket pits each school against one another to see who comes out on top as having designed a truly iconic artwork representing its university well. Fans can vote for their favorite designs by visiting our website or engaging with us on social media using #LogoBattleBracket2020. The winner will be announced at this year’s championship game, where they will receive an award recognizing them as having designed “The Best Logo In The West” among all competing schools within this highly competitive conference.

So get ready to support your alma mater or beloved home state university by voting today! Who do you think should win? Let us know via hashtag #LogoBattleBracket2020.

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