Horizon Team Logo Battle


(Unlimited votes) Choose your favorite Horizon League team logo?

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Horizon Logo Battle

As sports fans, we know that a team’s logo is essential to its identity. It’s a visual representation of the team and its values and something to rally behind when cheering them on from the stands. That's why comparing different logos and determining which looks best can be fun!

Recently, the Horizon League held its logo battle between teams at their conference. The competition was fierce, with each school bringing out its best designs for consideration by fans like us! After much deliberation over several rounds of voting, one design emerged victorious: Cleveland State University's Viking head crest. This classic design featured bold colors and intricate details, setting it apart from other contenders in this tournament-style competition.

This was quite an exciting event for Horizon League followers - they saw some great new designs. They learned more about how logos are created & used within college athletics programs across America today! So, if you're looking for some inspiration or want to check out what your favorite teams have come up with lately, then make sure you keep tabs on future competitions like these – they're always full of surprises & plenty of fun, too!

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