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Northeast Logo Battle

The Northeast Conference has been a hotbed of college sports for decades, and the competition among its teams is fierce. The conference is taking that rivalry to a new level with its Logo Battle 2024. This event aims to find out which team’s logo reigns supreme in the region.

Each school can submit its best logo design for consideration in Logo Battle 2024. A panel of experts from each institution will judge all entries on criteria such as creativity, originality, and overall appeal before selecting one winner from each school and an overall champion at the season's end.

Sports fans across the Northeast are sure to get behind their favorite teams during this exciting competition! It gives them yet another way to support their schools. It provides some much-needed entertainment during these uncertain times due to COVID-19 restrictions on traditional sporting events like basketball tournaments or football games. Plus, there could be some great prizes up for grabs, too!

So what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing and show your support by submitting a winning entry today - because when it come.

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