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The MLS wordmark logo has played a significant role in the league's visual identity and brand recognition. Let's delve into the evolution of the MLS wordmark logo and its impact on shaping the league's image.

In the early years of MLS, the league utilized a simple and straightforward wordmark logo. The logo featured the acronym "MLS" in bold capital letters, with "Major League Soccer" spelled out below in a smaller font. This initial wordmark logo aimed to establish the league's name and identity in a clear and concise manner, emphasizing its professional and competitive nature.

As MLS began to gain traction and expand its reach, the league introduced a new wordmark logo in 2007. The updated logo showcased a sleek and modern typography, with the letters "MLS" arranged in a stacked format. The "M" and "L" were connected by a curved line, adding a sense of fluidity and movement to the logo. This redesign aimed to reflect the league's growth and evolving identity, positioning MLS as a dynamic and progressive sports organization.

In 2014, MLS unveiled another wordmark logo that aligned with the league's overall rebranding efforts. The new logo featured a bold and contemporary typography, with "MLS" written in capital letters and slightly slanted to the right. The spacing between the letters was adjusted to create a cohesive and balanced look. This redesign aimed to modernize the MLS brand image and reflect its commitment to innovation and excellence in North American soccer.

In 2020, MLS introduced a refreshed wordmark logo to commemorate its 25th season. The updated logo retained the bold and capital letters but added a sense of movement and energy with a slight forward slant. The typography was refined, with cleaner lines and a more streamlined appearance. This redesign aimed to capture the league's progression and signify its ambition to push the boundaries of soccer in North America.

The MLS wordmark logo has evolved over time, reflecting the league's growth, adaptability, and commitment to elevating the sport of soccer. Each redesign has aimed to capture the essence of MLS while embracing contemporary design trends. As the league continues to evolve, we can anticipate further updates to the wordmark logo, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of North American soccer and cementing MLS's position as a prominent force in the sporting world.

MLS Products


Austin FC

Wordmark "AUSTIN FC" in black.

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Chicago Fire FC

A mirror image of a crown in orange and a flame in red. Wordmark "CHICAGO FIRE" in blue and below "FOOTBALL CLUB" in blue.

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Colorado Rapids

A double-lined arched wordmark "COLORADO" in burgundy and "RAPIDS" in burgundy.

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Columbus SC

Double-lined wordmark "THE" on top in a smaller font and "CREW" in black and bold.

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D.C. United

Arched wordmark "D.C. UNITED" in black.

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FC Cincinnati

Single-lined initials "FC" in orange and wordmark "CINCINNATI" in blue with a blue crown.

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FC Dallas

Initials and wordmark "FC DALLAS" in red with white and blue trim.

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LA Galaxy

Initials "LA" in blue next to a yellow, white and blue quasar star and a wordmark "GALAXY" in blue.

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Los Angeles FC

Double-lined wordmark "LOS ANGELES FOOTBALL CLUB" in gold.

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Minnesota United FC

Wordmark "MINNESOTA" in black and "UNITED FC" in black with their primary logo in between the two wordmark logos.

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New England Revolution

Wordmark "NEW ENGLAND" and in a custom font (paintbrush) "REVOLUTION" in blue.

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New York Red Bull

Double-lined wordmark "Red Bull" in red and "NEW YORK" in black.

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Philadelphia Union

Wordmark "PHIL" and "UNION" in black with gold and white with a black trim snake in between the wordmark.

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Portland Timbers

Double-lined wordmark "PORTLAND" in green and "TIMBERS" in yellow.

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Real Salt Lake

Wordmark "ReAL" in blue with gold trim and a gold crown above the letter "e" and "SALT LAKE" in red.

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San Jose Earthquakes

Wordmark "EARTHQUAKES" in black and "SAN JOSE" in black also "1974" in red.

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Seattle Sounders FC

A double-lined wordmark "SEATTLE SOUNDERS" in blue with a wave element in "SOUNDER."

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Sporting Kansas City

Custom font wordmark "SPORTING" in an uneven sizing above "KANSAS CITY" in blue.

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St. Louis City SC

The official club wordmark is the team name of "ST LOUIS CITY SC" in red. Emphasis is placed on the word "CITY" over the rest of the team's name. The "SC" is said to represent…

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Toronto FC

Arched wordmark "TORONTO" in red with grey highlights and "FC" in grey below.

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