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New Tennessee Titans Uniforms: Taking Inspiration from Logos

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“They were gods, giant gods.” That's how Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk described Titans of Greek mythology. “So we wanted that feel” she continued. “It's going to be what you think of a Titan." Strunk was referring to the new uniforms and helmets the Titans will be wearing when they take the field for the new season.

The athletic company hired for the new uniform project was Nike. Nike used a combination of that vision of size and strength along with the team's logo in creating the new look uniforms and helmets. The team unveiled the uniforms at a fan event in Nashville in April of this year. Uniforms were modeled by a half-dozen players including Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Dazzling Helmets

While the Titans' previous helmets were primarily white with a couple of navy blue stripes across the top, the new helmet design is mainly a glistening metallic navy blue. The two navy blue stripes have been replaced by a single silver stripe that is two-toned. The single, two-toned stripe carries forward the sword imagery which is predominant is the new design. Along with the helmet color, the facemask has undergone a change, moving from navy blue to metallic silver.

Two-Tone Shoulders

For the first time, Nike has used a two-tone design on a jersey, creating a two-tone sword tip image on the Titans uniform shoulders. Player numbers are placed on top of the shoulder and sword blade while the tip of the sword runs down the sleeve. The treatment replaces the use of secondary logos on the shoulders.

"Tennessee Spike" Numbers

The uniform numbers on the jerseys have the appearance of being carved from stone as if from ancient Greece, with a bit of customization. Each number has an angular edge at the upper right-hand portion, in recognition of the shape of the State of Tennessee. This treatment has been referred to as the "Tennessee Spike".

The Nuance of Change

Football fans are often traditionalists, reluctant to change. In fact, some may forget that when the Titans moved from Houston in 1997, the team kept the Oilers name for two years before becoming the Titans in 1999.  It is why both teams and fans view nuances involved in new uniforms so critically. Casual fans may not notice the helmet crown sword or even the significance of the added edges on the numbers, but each has a purpose. We'll see if this change, as well as a change in the coaching staff, will come in junction with a change in the record this next season.

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