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The Most Creative Logos In MLB

With batters staring down pitchers and the outfielders staring up to catch pop-up flies, baseball hats are a necessary utility in the sport. Today, baseball caps serve as more than just sun shields. Teams have been using them as effective branding tools, considering that it bears the team’s logo. 

Logos are a vital aspect of MLB teams, giving fans and the audience a quick visual identifier that triggers them to think about the team. This is one of the main reasons and success behind merchandising. A cool MLB logo can be the difference between a $30 cap sale and a hard pass. 

Major League Baseball has a total of 30 teams and some have been around for well over a century. MLB team logos have changed and evolved a great deal over the years. Some teams are even known to make logo tweaks almost every season. 

In this article, we’ll highlight baseball teams with the best logos but that doesn't mean they will have the best MLB scores, so make sure you keep up with that too.

Los Angeles Dodgers 

Los Angeles Dodgers Primary Logo 2012 - Present

Los Angeles Dodgers Primary Logo 2012 - Present

The Dodgers is one of the teams with the longest history in MLB, painting an iconic image in the sport. Baseball is essentially more indebted to history than any other sport. The Dodgers are arguably the most recognizable to use royal blue, which is a strong look against the base white. 

The tertiary access of the red-on jersey numbering really helps with portraying a bold appearance. The iconic interlocking of the letters “L” and “A” with a stark distinction in color helps put the Dodgers’ logo at the top of this list. 

New York Yankees 

New York Yankees Primary Logo 1968 - Present

New York Yankees Primary Logo 1968 - Present

The Yankees have a simple logo of a superimposed “NY” combination, but this is one of the most iconic logos in the MLB. As a matter of fact, the Yankee’s logo is the most recognizable of all logos in North American sports. That definitely has to count for something. 

The team’s jersey is also iconic, featuring pinstripes and an arm patch logo with a splash of red in addition to the navy blue and white. Like the “LA” for the Los Angeles Dodgers, the “NY” for the Yankees cap is enough on its own. 

Chicago Cubs 

Chicago Cubs Primary Logo 1979 - Present

Chicago Cubs Primary Logo 1979 - Present

The Chicago Cubs did a great job at including their team’s name in a single-letter logo. This was only possible because the letter is part of the same word. 

While the red and Cubbie blue combination might not be as unique as some would expect, the logo looks just as great and iconic. This logo receives some bonus points for the great devotion given to the blue color as the primary color, instead of white like most. 

Milwaukee Brewers 

Milwaukee Brewers Primary Logo 2020 - Present

Milwaukee Brewers Primary Logo 2020 - Present

The Brewers’ logo ranks as being the most elite. For those who haven’t realized it yet, the logo is a combination of the letters “MB” in the shape of a baseball glove. This is by far the most iconic and creative logo in the history of the MLB. 

The Milwaukee Brewers would rank higher for this logo had they been using it all the time. The most commonly used Brewers’ logo is the “M” atop a strand of wheat, which is a nod to the beer. This old logo has become part of the team’s culture and makes a reputation for the city that named it, but the glove logo is next level.

St Louis Cardinal 

St. Louis Cardinals Primary Logo 1998 - Present

St. Louis Cardinals Primary Logo 1998 - Present

The white and red is a clean look, but unlike the Reds, the Cardinals have a yellow accent from the bat to foil the coloring. Besides the yellow distinction, the bat is simple and acts as a fun addition to the team’s jersey. 

Most MLB teams rely solely on their names or cities for logos, but the Cardinals have added a few birds and a bat on their jerseys. The team’s cap lettering is also quite generic but memorable for the long history of the St. Louis franchise. 

The Cardinal’s logo gives a strong look with a tad of fun creativity and great history – a complete package. 

Detroit Tigers 

Detroit Tigers Primary Logo 2016 - Present

Detroit Tigers Primary Logo 2016 - Present

The Tiger’s logo is an Old English letter “D” which is simple yet elegant enough to rank on this list. Some would argue that the rest of the team’s look is fairly pedestrian. This is in part because there is nothing else iconic about the team’s jersey.

However, the orange and navy blue are just fine. The single letter “D” is one of the most iconic logos in the history of sports. It serves as a great aesthetic that highlights the history of one of the signature baseball franchises. 

Baltimore Orioles 

Baltimore Orioles Primary Logo 2019 - Present

Baltimore Orioles Primary Logo 2019 - Present

The Orioles have reworked their logo a number of times over their half-century history. The best of all their logos is the cartoon smiling bird. The logo is considered the most fun and

creative in the MLB. The black and orange is a stellar color combination. 

What makes the logo more fun is the fact that the cartoon smiling bird is wearing a hat of its own – the standard cursive “O’s”. This way, Orioles fans get to enjoy the best of both worlds with this hat. 

Oakland Athletics 

Oakland Athletics Primary Logo 1993 - Present

Oakland Athletics Primary Logo 1993 - Present

The Athletics’ logo ranks for the team’s elite color combination, one of the best in baseball and all professional sports. The gold and Kelly-green combinations pair well, and it does not matter what else the Athletics decide to do with their jerseys and hats. 

The franchise’s hat is also great, with the nickname “A’s” strongly imprinted. 

Kansas City Royals 

Kansas City Royals Primary Logo 2019 - Present

Kansas City Royals Primary Logo 2019 - Present

The white and blue trim of gold gives a clean and crisp look to the Kansas City Royals. The gold crown that adorns the arm patch is a genius way to integrate the name of the franchise. 

The Royals boast a classic look that has earned its royal status as one of the most iconic looks in Major League Baseball. The “KC” lettering on the team’s hat might not be the best in the league, but the jersey logo makes up for it. 

Toronto Blue Jays 

Toronto Blue Jays Primary Logo 2020 - PresentSports Logo History

Toronto Blue Jays Primary Logo 2020 - Present

The Blue Jays did a great job at paying tribute to their standing as Canada’s only MLB team with the maple leaf on their hat. The picture of a bird only makes it even better. The white, red, and blue combination looks great.

Wrap Up

Baseball logos are not created equal. Some of them look incredibly attractive. Others look like they were created in a hurry. The franchises highlighted above went to great lengths to create logos their fans, players, and corporate sponsors love.

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