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Oregon State Beavers

Modernized looking beaver in orange and black. Designed by Nike.

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Washington State Cougars

Crimson letters "WSU" in the shape of a cougars head.

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The Pac-12 Conference is a distinguished collegiate athletic conference operating in the magnificent Western United States. With extensive participation in 22 sports at the NCAA Division I level, the Pac-12 has firmly established itself as a pillar of excellence in collegiate athletics. The conference's unwavering commitment to fostering athletic achievement, sportsmanship, and academic success has united athletes and fans alike, creating an electrifying atmosphere throughout the Western region.

A Legacy of Athletic Brilliance

The Pac-12 Conference boasts a rich tapestry of athletic brilliance woven into the fabric of collegiate sports history. From the roaring cheers in football stadiums to the thunderous applause in basketball arenas, Pac-12 member institutions consistently showcase their exceptional talents and unwavering dedication to their craft. The conference's commitment to cultivating excellence has yielded a plethora of national champions, legendary coaches, and awe-inspiring performances, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of collegiate athletics.

A Holistic Approach to Student-Athlete Development

Beyond the realm of competition, the Pac-12 Conference emphasizes the holistic development of its student-athletes. Member institutions within the conference strive to create an environment that fosters personal growth, academic success, and lifelong learning. By offering robust academic support systems, mentorship programs, and opportunities for community engagement, the Pac-12 empowers its student-athletes to excel on the field, thrive in their academic pursuits, and contribute meaningfully to society.

Diverse Sports, United Spirit

The Pac-12 Conference embodies the spirit of diversity and inclusivity through its participation in 22 sports. While football and basketball often take center stage, the conference's commitment to providing opportunities for athletes across various disciplines is unwavering. From the grace and precision of gymnastics to the fierce competition of wrestling, Pac-12 student-athletes captivate audiences with their extraordinary skills and unwavering passion. The conference's collective spirit, fueled by a deep-rooted sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship, unites fans from all walks of life, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.

The Pac-12 Primary Logo: A Symbol of Excellence and Tradition

At the heart of the Pac-12 Conference's visual identity lies the iconic Pac-12 Primary Logo. This emblem, meticulously crafted to represent the conference's values, serves as a beacon of excellence and tradition. With its bold design and striking colors, the primary logo encapsulates the energy, passion, and unrivaled spirit of Pac-12 athletics. Whether emblazoned on team uniforms or adorning merchandise, the logo is a unifying symbol, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among athletes, alumni, and fans.


The Pac-12 Conference stands as a testament to the power of collegiate athletics in uniting communities, inspiring excellence, and molding future leaders. Operating in the Western United States, the conference's commitment to athletic brilliance, holistic student-athlete development, and inclusivity has elevated it to prominence in collegiate sports. The Pac-12 Primary Logo symbolizes the conference's rich heritage, unwavering commitment to excellence, and the collective spirit that unites athletes and fans across the Western region. As the Pac-12 continues to shape the future of collegiate athletics, its legacy of athletic achievement and unwavering dedication to its student-athletes will continue to shine brightly for generations.

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