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Interesting Stories Behind Some Of NHL’s Primary Logos

The NHL has some really interesting stories behind its primary logos, and in this guide, we’re diving into those logos as well as the overall NHS logo, which is a very famous shield design.

The shield logo is said to have been introduced in 1946 but some people say it dates back to the start of the league back in 1917. The original shield has orange and black designs. The NHL primary logo has changed, and in 2005, a similar but distinguishable logo was released. A shield shape with a black and brown shield color, the lettering is now shaped differently, going upwards diagonally instead of sloping down.

There are some other changes to this logo, including the fact that the typeface is slightly different, but this is not something you’d necessarily notice on first viewing.

The NHL has a fascinating history in general, and this includes logos. You might see some of these logos all the time – for instance, on the notices at a sports betting company, the logos are often displayed along with the odds on NHL gambling. If you’re looking for the sports betting odds then you might find that you identify teams mainly by their logo and colors, even if you don’t really take in what the logo design actually looks like.

The History of NHL logos

Let’s delve into some of the team logos and the interesting stories behind them. As well as the specific NHL logo history, there are some interesting stories behind some of the biggest hockey teams and how they got their names as well as their logos.

St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues Primary Logo 2009 - Present

St. Louis Blues Primary Logo 2009 - Present

This is one of the more interesting logos out there. The St. Louis Blues’ primary logo has a symbol of a musical note with wings. The city is well known for its blues music scene, so there is no prize for guessing the music connection. The owner of the team, Sid Salomon Jr., wanted to come up with a name that would inspire and connect to the history of the city, and this meant using The Blues. The team is based in a city that is thought to be one of the global homes of blues music, so it makes sense to draw on that heritage. The wings are said to be a symbol of the movement and dynamism expected from the team.

This logo has evolved a little over time but never had a total revamp in the same way as some other NHL logos.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus Blue Jackets Primary Logo 2008 - Present

Columbus Blue Jackets Primary Logo 2008 - Present

This is one of the newer franchises in the NHL, so what is the story behind the Blue Jackets’ primary logo?

In spite of the team not being very old, their logo has already changed somewhat. The logo is a version of Ohio’s state flag, featuring a burgee in the form of a "C" shape. This includes a star that is said to symbolize the state capital, Columbus.

The original logo had 13 stars on it, sitting along with a red ribbon, which would represent the 13 different colonies of the original US. The extra star in the middle is said to represent the state capital. There was an alternate logo of a cap from the civil war featuring crossed hockey sticks, but this isn’t used any longer. 

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators Primary Logo 2021 - PresentSports Logo History

Ottawa Senators Primary Logo 2021 - Present

This is another team whose logo has generally stayed the same. Though there are different meanings of the word “senator”, this refers to a general from the Roman empire, which is why we see the logo of a senator in the middle. The team owner has said that the logo is in place to show “strength and determination” in the team.

Why are they called the Senators, anyway? They get their name from the fact that Ottawa is the seat of the Canadian government. There was a very successful team bearing this name in the city from 1903 to 1927.


There are so many interesting tales in the history of American sports, including in the NHL. The primary logos have continued to shift, change and evolve over the years, and the logos we’ve picked out are some of the more interesting ones. Of course, it’s really not difficult to guess why the Toronto Maple Leafs have the maple leaf as their logo, but some, such as the Senators or even the Blue Jackets, aren't quite so obvious to start with.

The NHL logo itself is iconic and will continue to fly the flag for the sport in America, Canada, and beyond.

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