WAC Primary Logo

Primary Logos

WAC Conference

Abilene Christian Wildcats

A purple, grey, and white wildcat next to the diagonal initials "ACU" in white on a purple with grey trim.

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Cal Baptist Lancers

The right-facing outline of a lancer with a shield and a lightning bolt lance with the "LANCERS" wordmark in blue.

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Grand Canyon Antelopes

Initials "GCU" in purple with speed lines through the letters. Called the speed GCU logo.

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Seattle Redhawks

A wordmark "SEATTLE" in red and the letter "U" in black.

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Southern Utah Thunderbirds

A white and black aggressive looking eagle and a white and black lighting bolt coming out of the bottom surrounded by a red outline.

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Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks

Diagonal and overlapping initials "SFA" in purple with white and purple trim on the state of Texas with a star showing the school location in Texas.

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Tarleton State Texans

A beveled letter "T" on the state of Texas in purple and white.

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UT Arlington Mavericks

A side view of a horse's head in orange, white and blue above an arched wordmark "MAVERICKS" in orange and "UT ARLINGTON" in blue with orange trim.

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UT Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros

Initials "UTRGV" in orange, blue, green, and light orange with white trim with the entire acronym "UTRGV" horizontally across the State of Texas with a larger orange star marking the Rio Grande Valley.

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Utah Tech Trailblazers

A bison's head in white, grey, and blue above the wordmark "UTAH TECH" in red and "TRAILBLAZERS" in blue. Blue and gray were changed from their previous identity.

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Utah Valley Wolverines

A side view of a wolverine with a growl look in green and white with a white trim. Eliminated gold from the previous logo.

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Logos are an essential component of any sports conference's identity. They serve as visual representations of the conference's values, history, and brand. The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) is no exception. With a history spanning several decades, the WAC has undoubtedly seen its fair share of logo updates and redesigns. In this blog post, we will delve into the primary logo history of the WAC conference and some of its member institutions, exploring how their visual identities have evolved.

The Evolution of the WAC Conference Logo

The WAC conference has seen its primary logo change its existence. Unfortunately, specific details about the logo history are not readily available in the search results. However, it is worth noting that conferences often update their logos to reflect changing trends, modernize their image, or align with a new vision. To gain accurate and up-to-date information about the logo history of the WAC, it is best to refer to the conference's official website.

Member Institutions and Their Logos

While the WAC conference has its primary logo, member institutions also have unique logos. These logos represent the universities' athletic programs and contribute to their brand identities. For example, Northern Arizona University and Tarleton State University are mentioned in the search results, indicating that they have their primary logos. Exploring the logo history of these member institutions can provide insight into their branding evolution and the visual representation of their athletic programs.

How to Discover Logo History

To delve deeper into the logo history of the WAC conference and its member institutions, it is recommended to visit the official websites of the conference and the individual universities. These websites often provide dedicated sections or archives showcasing the history and evolution of their athletic programs' logos. Additionally, reputable sports logo databases or websites like SportsLogos.Net or NCAA Conferences may offer galleries or archives featuring the logo history of college sports teams, including those in the WAC conference.


Logos play a significant role in establishing the identity and brand of sports conferences and individual universities within them. While specific details about the primary logo history of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) are not readily available, exploring the official websites of the conference and member institutions can provide valuable insights into logo evolution. By examining the logo history, we can better understand the visual representation of the WAC conference and its member institutions over time.

Please note that logo designs and branding are subject to change, so it is crucial to refer to official sources or reputable databases for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the logo history of the WAC conference and its member institutions.

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