Philadelphia Phillies Primary Logo 2019 - Present
Philadelphia Phillies Primary Logo 2019 – Present

The Philadelphia Phillies unveiled their new logo in early December. The new logo as we have shown here on Sports Logo History isn’t a dramatic makeover, but rather a slight tweak. The Phillies’ cursive typography — sans the red underline — is retained, along with the stars that dot the two I’s. Also retained is the Liberty Bell in the background, which is enlarged and set in a very dark shade of blue. Lastly, the new logo gets rid of the red-bordered blue baseball diamond.

There is no word yet on why the Phillies altered their logo, and this decision may mean much. In an Inquirer report on the logo’s unveiling, Nick Tricome pointed out that “design changes usually come around when a franchisee believes it’s at a turning point.” He cited the case of the Edmonton Oilers in the National Hockey League, which two years ago changed from their iconic blue uniforms to orange ones. This change, according to Oiler’s vice-chairman Bob Nicholson, marks the team’s transition to a new era and identity.