Anaheim Angels is the start of the Disney ownership during the late 90's till the early 2000's and their logo is right from the movie "Angels in the Outfield." Their final logo brought the Big A logo back on top of a baseball diamond.

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Anaheim Angels
2002 - 2004

Disney changed the Angels’s logo back to a “Big A” in red with white trim and a silver halo, over a dark blue baseball diamond with white, silver and red trim. On top arching over the diamond is the wordmark “ANAHEIM ANGELS.”

Anaheim Angels
1997 - 2001

The first logo under Disney removed the halo and had a rather cartoon like “ANGELS” script with a wing on the “A” over a periwinkle plate and crossed bats. Also, a wordmark “ANAHEIM” in white on top. This logo comes right from the Disney movie “Angels in the Outfield.”

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