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Setting Sail: The Nautical Rebranding of the Los Angeles Clippers Logo

It is no secret that the Los Angeles Clippers are doing their best to escape the shadow of their inner-city rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. It is well-documented that the Los Angeles Clippers are moving from the arena to the Intuit Dome. The arena is scheduled to open in August 2024. This 2 billion dollar arena will feature a section called “The Wall.” It’s a 51-row section dedicated to fans who must cheer for the home team. 

Los Angeles Clippers Primary Logo 2019 - 2025

On February 27th, the Clippers went even further in their efforts to establish themselves by revealing a brand identifier. The logo represented a renewed effort by the franchise to embrace its traditional roots and educate the masses concerning its origins. We will review this new logo in this piece and how it differentiates itself from its predecessor.

For nearly a decade, the Los Angeles Clippers have had their primary brand identifier that put forth an excellent effort to embrace its nautical roots. The most significant aspect of this logo is a black “CLIPPERS”  wordmark. The “CLIPPERS” wordmark is black and is a big bubble font in the middle of the logo. It is tough to miss. 

There are curved red and blue lines at the bottom and near the top of the logo. On the bottom of the logo is a curved blue line that takes up the length of the logo. A curved red line can be seen below the blue line.   It has a more significant curve than the blue line. 

Near the top of the logo, a blue line that is slightly curved can be seen. At the top of the logo, one can see a red line with a more significant curve. Both lines symbolize the ocean horizon that can be seen from a ship. Thus, the team’s nautical roots are represented here. 

Los Angeles Clippers Primary Logo 2025 - Present

While the blue and red lines at the bottom are unbroken, the red and blue lines on each side of the logo are separated by a basketball logo. The basketball is colored white and has black outlines on the sides of the basketball. However, the middle of the basketball has a unique and distinct “LAC” wordmark. The “LA” wordmark is red and is pretty much sandwiched together. A close look at the “LA” wordmark reveals that it depicts a basketball court. A blue “C” wordmark is wrapped around the “LA” wordmark. At first glance, it could even be seen as an outline.

The new logo represents a complete change from the previous one. In the previous logo, the circular logo represented a small yet essential piece of the design. 

Now, the logo is entirely circular. Also, there is no element of black in the color scheme. The color scheme is now entirely red, white, and blue, just as it was with the Clippers' primary logos from 1985-2011.

However, navy blue was the dominant color scheme in this design. The design of the outer circle had a navy blue background. The navy blue design shows a white “Los Angeles Clippers” wordmark around the circle. The “Los Angeles” can be seen at the top of the circle, while the “Clippers” can be at the bottom. A bold red outline can be seen outside of the circle. 

The inner circle of this logo contains a navy blue ship with a letter C wrapped around it. It is contained within a white background. A light blue outer trim is contained within the outside of the inner circle. 

Clearly, the LA Clippers are leaning into their historic roots as a nautical brand. It can be seen in how navy blue practically dominates the design. The nautical ship within the inner circle is another clear sign. It is something that the franchise hasn’t leaned into this strongly till now. It can also be seen in the different shades of blue within the design. I didn’t know the franchise’s roots related to nautical ships.   

This decision by the Clippers to re-introduce themselves through their logo is great and helps to establish the franchise in its push to create its lane.


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