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In sports conferences, logos are crucial in establishing a visual identity. While primary logos often take center stage, wordmark logos are equally crucial in representing the essence of a conference. In this blog post, we will delve into the rich history of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and explore the evolution of its wordmark logo.

Join us as we uncover the story behind the WAC's iconic wordmark logos throughout the years.

The Birth of the WAC Wordmark Logo

The WAC's wordmark logo is a distinctive representation of the conference's brand. The search results indicate that the first iteration of the WAC wordmark logo was introduced in 1983 when Fresno State joined the conference.

This initial design featured an interlocking FS, symbolizing the university's affiliation with the WAC.

Evolution of the WAC Wordmark Logo

Over the years, the WAC Wordmark logo has undergone several transformations, reflecting the changing landscape of the conference. Unfortunately, specific details about the logo's evolution are unavailable in the search results. However, it is common for sports conferences to update their logos periodically to align with current design trends and to refresh their visual identity.

Exploring the Official Brand Style Guide

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the WAC's wordmark logo history, it is recommended to consult the conference's official brand style guide. The brand style guide provides detailed information about the logo's design elements, color usage, typography, and guidelines for its proper application. It may also include insights into the rationale behind each logo iteration and the conference's vision for its visual identity.

Unveiling the Hidden Stories

While the search results do not provide specific information about the WAC's wordmark logo history, it is crucial to recognize that each logo iteration carries its unique story. The evolution of the WAC's wordmark logo reflects the conference's growth, changes in membership, and the dynamic nature of collegiate athletics. By exploring the official brand style guide and conducting further research, we can uncover the hidden stories behind each logo iteration.

The wordmark logo of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) is an integral part of its visual identity.

While specific details about the logo's evolution may not be readily available, further exploration of the conference's official brand style guide and additional research can provide valuable insights. By delving into the WAC's wordmark logo history, we can appreciate the visual journey that has accompanied the conference's growth and evolution.

WAC Products


Abilene Christian Wildcats

Custom font wordmark "ABILENE CHRISTIAN" in white with a purple and grey trim formed the background, also "WILDCATS" in grey on a purple background.

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Cal Baptist Lancers

A wordmark "LANCERS" in gold with white and blue trim. Proportions are slightly different than the previous version.

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Grand Canyon Antelopes

Wordmark "LOPES" in purple using a custom font called Thunder.

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Seattle Redhawks

A wordmark "SEATTLE" in red and the letter "U" in black above the wordmark "ATHLETICS" in black.

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Southern Utah Thunderbirds

Wordmark "SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY" in black on a white background and "THUNDERBIRDS" red with black and white trim and drop shadow effect.

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Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks

Wordmark "STEPHEN F. AUSTIN" in silver on a purple background and "LUMBERJACKS" below in purple.

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Tarleton State Texans

A wordmark in a custom font, "TARLETON" in purple with a white trim.

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UT Arlington Mavericks

An arched wordmark "MAVERICKS" in orange and "UT ARLINGTON" in blue with orange trim.

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UT Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros

The initials "UTRGV" in orange with dark orange highlights and a blue and white trim also "VAQUEROS" in orange. A green with blue trim star is embedded within the letter "V."

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Utah Tech Trailblazers

A wordmark "UTAH TECH" in red with blue trim.

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Utah Valley Wolverines

A double-lined custom wordmark "UTAH VALLEY" and "WOLVERINES" in green.

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