The Expos were in Montreal for 35 years with not a lot of success. Their logo is considered a classic because of it's creativity, colors and design. Take sometime to really look at this logo, it is mesmerizing.

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Sports Logo Case Study #1—Montréal Expos

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Major League Baseball's Montréal Expos were born 45 years ago this week. They played their final season in Canada in 2004 before shifting to Washington the following season and becoming the Nationals.

Montréal was granted an expansion franchise by the National League on May 27, 1968. Five cities were in the running for two new NL franchises: San Diego, Montréal, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Milwaukee, and Buffalo. Montréal was a decided underdog; an Associated Press story published on the morning of the formal vote declared that "Montréal, at present, simply doesn't figure."

The franchise was officially announced as having been named "Expos" on September 5, 1968 and their logo and caps were unveiled at a press conference on January 15, 1969.



Montreal Expos
1992 - 2004

The “eMb” or “M” logo in red, white and blue on top of a white with red seams baseball inside a red and blue ring with a wordmark “MONTREAL EXPOS” in white lettering.

Montreal Expos
1969 - 1991

For almost 40 years the team held on to this awesome logo because it was smart and looked great from Expos de Montreal Baseball. Interwoven script pieces all come together to abbreviate the full name of the team. “eMb” in red white and blue forming a “M.” A wordmark “expos” in blue at the bottom.

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