WNBA has a brand new team making its debut in 2018 and transferring from San Antonio, revealing their very Las Vegas style emblem.

Las Vegas Aces
2018 - Present

Wordmark “ACES” in white and “LAS VEGAS” in gold. Above the wordmark is the letter “A” in white with a red star and below the wordmark is the letters “LV” in red.


San Antonio Stars
2013 - 2017

Wordmark “SAN ANTONIO” in black and “STARS” in black with white trim above a shooting star in black, grey and white.

Designed by Aaron Masik


San Antonio Silver Stars
2003 - 2013

A silver and white star with wordmark “SAN ANTONIO” in white on top and “SILVER” in sliver above the wordmark “STARS” in white with black trim next to a shooting star.


Utah Starzz
1997 - 2002

Wordmark “UTAH” in red with white trim and “STARZZ” in white slanted with teal and white mountain peaks and a red star.

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