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Valpo Rename with “In Thy Light We See Light” Beacons

After a long and extensive process that took months, Valparaiso University has finally adopted a new nickname and logo to be known by. Valparaiso University’s new nickname is the “Beacons.” This name was chosen after thousands of suggestions from student-athletes, alumni, and other important staff at the university.  

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The Valparaiso community wanted to pick a name that paid homage to the university’s vast history and characteristics. They also wanted a name that could embody the fact that graduates of the university would achieve success no matter where their journey took them after graduation. It was decided that the name “Beacons” is most fitting.   

Given that the name “Beacon” happens to be the name of the university’s yearbook, the decision was made simpler. It also connected with the university’s slogan. “In Thy Light We See Light.”

The university’s old name was known as the Crusaders. This nickname was retired by the university four months ago. The term “Crusaders” has become and more crucial over the years. It has been linked because the terms and symbols of the name have recently been linked to the Ku Klux Klan. University officials decided that the name encouraged violence and religious tyranny.

Valparaiso University’s name change was part of a series of notable changes made by entities who are looking to distance themselves from names that have had negative undertones historically. This has recently happened with the Cleveland Guardians name change. It has happened with the Washington football team

Of course, a new name for an entity means a new logo. The logo is contained within a yellow background. This bright and sunny background accentuates the essence of the new direction that Valparaiso University is aiming to go. If you are aiming to be a beacon, it is good to have a background that shines brightly. 

The center of the yellow background contains the main logo. This circular logo contains a dark green background. The left side of the logo contains the words “Valpo Beacons.” The word “Valpo” is in a bolder font while “Beacons” has a regular font. The left side of the logo contains a lighthouse that is yellow.  The logo shows that the lighthouse is beaming light to the sky contained within the logo. The logo has white in color.

In the middle of the yellow background, one can spot that there is a white glow that can be seen right above the green background of the main logo. It almost resembles the glow you would see near a beaming sun.

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