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Top 5 WNBA Logos: A Blend of Aesthetics and Team Spirit

The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) showcases a blend of athleticism and artistry through its teams' logos. These emblematic designs, representing both Western and Eastern Conference WNBA teams, carry rich histories and modern aesthetics. 

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The logos of Los Angeles Sparks, Minnesota Lynx, NY Liberty, Seattle Storm, and Atlanta Dream particularly stand out. They reflect each team's essence and the vibrant spirit of the league. This article, tailored for, delves into the insights, last redesigns, and the creatives behind these iconic WNBA logos.

Los Angeles Sparks

Los Angeles Sparks Primary Logo 2021 - Present

The Los Angeles Sparks recently unveiled a new primary logo, a step towards modernism yet tethered to tradition. The emblem was made public on December 15, 2014, by Phenomenon, a Los Angeles-based design agency. At its core, the logo celebrates the team’s heritage and future. Its blend of energetic purple and gold colors carries the essence of Sparks’ spirit. Moreover, the design articulates dynamism and agility, embodying the team’s pursuit of victory. 

The dominant “LA” letters symbolize the team's roots and aspirations. Unlike its predecessors, this logo embraces a modern sans-serif typography, a nod to the contemporary era. The sleek design conforms not only to the team's ethos but also to the vibrancy of the league. This logo is a tribute to what the Los Angeles Sparks represent making it a standout logo in the WNBA.

Minnesota Lynx

Minnesota Lynx Primary Logo 2018 - PresentMinnesota Lynx, one of the vibrant WNBA teams, stepped into the era of branding with a redesigned logo. The emblem was unveiled before the 2017 season. This has marked a significant moment in the Lynx's journey in professional sports. This logo added a modern touch to its identity and impeccably reflected the team’s spirit and the city’s culture.

It was designed to show a strong lynx head and to represent the team's determination. Likewise, blue and gray colors match Minnesota's environment and give the design a sleek style. The logo and the WNBA schedule fit well in digital and print branding materials. It also represents pride, community, and the pursuit of excellence.

New York Liberty

New York Liberty Primary Logo 2020 - Present

The NY Liberty recently embraced a fresh aesthetic with their logo redesign, the first change in their 24-year franchise history. Until April 14, 2020, the logo remained the same since the team's inception in 1996. The redesign modernizes the emblem keeping key elements and reflecting both a rich history and a forward-looking vision.

The logo boasts a modern font and sleek lines. Moreover, it features a NY shield which signifies the franchise’s deep-rooted pride and love for its city. The torch represents enlightenment, equality, liberation, and justice that is characterized by the Statue of Liberty. 

Seafoam's color highlights the statue's transformation and symbolizes strength, power, and resilience. The black and white colors stand for unity, celebrating the diverse yet united community. Therefore, the NY Liberty logo is a remarkable emblem in the professional league that shows their legacy and aspirations.

Seattle Storm

Seattle Storm Primary Logo 2021 - Present

The Seattle Storm's logo reflects the team's championship Pacific Northwest culture and its strong connection. Retaining the iconic Space Needle image within basketball ribs, it adds Mount Rainier’s peak symbolizing the locale. A lightning bolt at the center embodies the team's intensity and purpose on and off the court.

The logo's elements harmonize Seattle's sleek aesthetic of the Pacific Northwest's natural power. A futuristic typeface represents the city's dynamic pace. Colors like Lightning Yellow, Thunder Green, and Bolt Green preserve the original brand's legacy while projecting a fresh identity​​.

Atlanta Dream

Atlanta Dream Logo Set

On October 18, 2019, Atlanta Dream introduced a bold brand update, the first since its debut in 2008. This initiative aimed to broaden the platform for women's sports with growing interest yet scant media coverage. The refreshed brand, envisioned by David Tann of Tantrum Agency, kept core legacy elements while embracing the franchise's future.

This modern brand identity came alive through a fresh logo and color palette after the team’s relocation to the Gateway Center Arena, and the unveiling of updated uniforms for the 2020 season​​.


What do WNBA logos symbolize?

WNBA logos symbolize the team's identity, values, and connection to their city or region.

When were the latest WNBA logo redesigns done?

The redesigns were done at different times for different teams, like the Atlanta Dream in 2019 and Seattle Storm in 2020.


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