The current logo is identical to the one the club used in its final seasons playing as the Phoenix Coyotes. However, a radical change from the original coyote from 1997 -2003. The new coyotes is strong with it's howling coyote head.


Favorite Arizona Coyotes logo - Arizona vs Phoenix?

Arizona Coyotes
2015 - Present

The primary logo for the Arizona Coyotes is an aggressive coyote howling at the moon. It has a two-tone face with zig-zag black markings down the middle, three pieces of mane leading down to the neck and triangular markings in the ear and chin. The Arizona Coyotes logo includes four triangles across the bridge of the snout, representative of the Four Peaks. The logo was designed by Adrenalin Design Group.


Phoenix Coyotes
2004 - 2014

In 2003 – 2004, the Coyotes introduced a much cleaner, less experimental design to represent the team. The color scheme was simplified to a brick and tan and the logo is way less busy than the hectic design that came before it.

Phoenix Coyotes
2000 - 2003

In 1999 the logo remained same with a darker shade of brick red and removed the wordmark “Phoenix Coyotes.” The coyote image is much larger.

Phoenix Coyotes
1997 - 1999

When first designing the logo, artist Greg Fisher was actually asked to stay away from something menacing and instead focus on embracing the Southwest culture in an attempt to make the Arizona residents feel the team truly belonged to them. The logo consists of a sienna-colored Coyote wearing half of a sand-colored goalie mask and a brick red hockey jersey with hunter green pants. Clutching a sand hockey stick with a purple crescent moon logo on its chest.


Winnipeg Jets
1991 - 1996

In 1991 the logo changed to white dominate logo. The jet now orange which used to be flying up towards the sky, was now a simplified and flew level. A wordmark “WINNIPEG JETS” in blue on a white background. The “J” is still a blue hockey stick and the logo is surrounded by a orange circle.

Winnipeg Jets
1979 - 1990

In 1979 the Jets logo featured a jet taking off on a orange circle inside a blue circle with a wordmark “JETS” in white and “WINNIPEG” wordmark below in orange. A white hockey stick is the “J” in the wordmark “Jets.”

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