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Arizona Coyotes Alternate Logo History

The Coyotes alternate logo history has a nice assortment of different logos. Creativity and design are key ingredients for this very good collection of alternate logos. Favorite alternate logo has to be the coyote paw with the letter "A" in the center.


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Arizona Coyotes Alternate Logo 2015 – Present

Arizona Coyotes
2015 - Present

A coyote paw print in cream with black trim and the letter “A” in black in the middle. The letter “A” stand for the state of Arizona.


Arizona Coyotes Alternate Logo 2016 – Present

Arizona Coyotes
2016 - Present

The state of Arizona in black with the upper section have the Arizona flag and the letters “AZ” in cream.


Arizona Coyotes Alternate Logo 2015

Arizona Coyotes

State of Arizona map with half of the state flag in the upper half of the map recolored to match those of the Arizona Coyotes. Below the flag is the state abbreviation of “AZ” in a Copperplate-esque style font.


Arizona Coyotes Alternate Logo 2009 – Present

Arizona Coyotes
2009 - Present

A sedona red, cream and black coyotes leaping in the air.


Coyotes Logo Comments

Coyotes Logo Comments