For a team in the 30's the New York Americans have quite an array of logos. Nice design and creativity on their four logos, specially like the "license plate" logo.


Choose your favorite New York Americans primary logo?


New York Americans
1940 - 1941

Wordmark “AMERICANS” in white on blue background with several letters “ANHC” in red with four blue stars above.

New York Americans
1936 - 1939

An interlocking NY in red behind a wordmark “AMERICANS” in white. Six blue stars above.

New York Americans
1934 - 1935

Red, white and blue shield designed like the US flag with a wordmark “AMERICANS” in blue.

New York Americans
1926 - 1933

A shield with red and white vertical stripes and eight white stars near the top, wordmark “NEW YORK AMERICANS” on blue and red stripes written on the shield.

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