Los Angeles Dodgers Primary Logo 2012 – Present

Bret Miller

Los Angeles Dodgers Primary Logo 2012 - Present

The 2012 updated logo, the most obvious change is the thicker line weight on the ball and streaks. There are also multiple edits incorporated into the wordmark. First off, the “O” no longer has a tail on the left side. In fact, the loss of the “O”’s tail allows for a cleaner presentation and allows the viewer to get directly into the word, instead of starting with the superfluous tail. The “E” has also been adjusted to appear that the line coming off the “G” flows smoothly into the stroke of the “E”. The old mark featured a disjointed connection between the two letterforms. Lastly, the wordmark’s tail was edited so it terminates with an inverted rounding line instead of a flat line, which more closely mirrors the wordmark from the team’s jerseys.