New Orleans Pelicans Concept Logo


NBA concept logos of the New Orleans Pelicans by various design artists from around the world. These are redesigned ideas and not actual team logos.

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By Matthew Harvey – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2017

I have always been a big fan of the New Orleans team name change and logo package for the Pelicans. Very strong and solid look. With this look, I wanted to still keep the look and feel of the Pelicans and New Orleans, but focus more on the Pelicans, rather than on New Orleans.


By Addison Foote – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2015

Pelicans…are not all that scary or fierce, but I did my best to portray a strong and determined bird while using a fleur de lis and type that represents the city of New Orleans.


By Mr. Coach Klein – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2013

The hardest part of designing any logo is getting the font just right. It seems so easy until you actually try and put it on the page. Again, bonus points for infusing some gold and by somehow meshing the Pelican’s natural colours in with a modern scheme. It’s not bad at all.

Still, stick blue and yellow, my friends… blue and yellow…

Image Image

By Fraser Davidson – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2013

Logo redesign of the New Orleans Pelicans. Not affiliated with the NBA. Concept only.


By Mark Crosby – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2012

As long as everyone else is throwing a design at the renamed N’Orleans team I figured I’d give it a go. I went with the Fleur de Bird, and tried to give it some New Orleans flair in the wings. I’m not entirely convinced on the wings, but we’ll see how they’re received.