Minnesota Timberwolves Concept Logo


NBA concept logos of the Minnesota Timberwolves by various design artists from around the world. These are redesigned ideas and not actual team logos.

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By Miika Kumpulainen – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2015

Minnesota Timberwolves Rebrand Concept. “The Black look.” New logo and custom letter style.

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By Yu Masuda – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2015

A logo concept work of the Minnesota Timberwolves professional basketball team.


By Michael Weinstein – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2015

Instead of drawing a new wolf face, I wanted to simplify and go for more of a Game of Thrones banner kind of look. The wolf has a rampant pose that is seen in heraldic symbols from the Middle Ages. The team name is so long that the secondary “Wolves” logo actually works better.