Detroit Red Wings Concept Logo


NHL concept logos of the Detroit Red Wings by various design artists from around the world. These are redesigned ideas and not actual team logos.

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By Bob Schultz – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2016

I had an idea of taking the “D” logo the Red Wings wore in the Winter Classic and changing it a bit and adding a wing to it. This is how it came out.


By Tyler Rodgers – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2013

Went with a Motor City theme here. So the primary logo is inspired by old early 20th century Detroit hood ornaments, and the wordmark is based on the same era. I added more striping on the home and road uniforms to mimic the number of lines in the primary logo. The Heritage uniform is an adapted throwback.

Image Image

By Doug DeVisser – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2010

A logo concept of the Detroit Red Wings professional hockey team.