Denver Nuggets Concept Logo


NBA concept logos of the Denver Nuggets by various design artists from around the world. These are redesigned ideas and not actual team logos.

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By Matthew Harvey – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2017

New version of a primary logo for the Nuggets. With this concept, I tried combining three eras of the Nuggets into this design, as well as combining Colorado’s MLS Soccer team, Colorado Rapids, crest shape into the design well. This concept was one of my first attempts at trying to combine MLS and NBA logos together.


By TeensOnAcid – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2016

This is a piece of concept art only. This logo is not an official mark of Denver Nuggets.


By Addison Foote – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2015

I took a minimal approach and kept most of the same elements from Denver’s current logo to create this.

Image Image Image Image

By josh_cat_eyes – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2008

A logo redesign of the Denver Nuggets basketball team.


By Michael Weinstein – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2010

For my Nuggets redesign I wanted to try creating a character to build the brand around, similar to the Celtics leprechaun. The new logo is a throwback to the original ABA Denver Rockets logo and the miner from their first NBA logo.