Houston Astros Concept Logo


MLB concept logos of the Houston Astros by various design artists from around the world. These are redesigned ideas and not actual team logos.

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By SFGiants58 – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2017

The primary logo features the new cap logo with a tequila sunrise contrail. The hat insignia (no longer a tilted version of the 2000-12 star logo) fixes the “static” nature of the current and retro H-stars. Slab-serif is not congruent with the space age/motion aesthetic, so I placed an italicized “H” into the logo. Here is a sampling of all of the variants I went through before deciding on a final one. Another benefit of this H-star is that it shows up on white/gray backgrounds, unlike the current one. The tertiary is the home uniform script.


By Giovanni Creative – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2017

All the excitement of the Houston Astros playing in the World Series got me inspired to design a concept to see if I could come up with a different idea or design utilizing my creative talent. I did look around to see if there were other logo designs for the Astros, but didn’t really find anything, so I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I have to tell you that I wasn’t a huge baseball fan. I started getting more into baseball about a year ago after my son started playing the game and being around the kids every single game they played. I wanted him to experience what it was like to be in a real professional game and see all of the players play the game. So I took him to an Astros game one day and he really seemed to enjoy looking at what it’s like to be there. After being involved in his baseball team for a couple of seasons and helping out the coaches I realized that I was beginning to really like baseball. It was much more enjoyable now that my kid was playing it.

I was thinking about the Astros logo icon as I was watching the World Series and got a thought in my head about a different way the logo or icon could be designed. I was thinking of incorporating the “H” in Houston and the “A” in Astros both in the same icon. Most people would have no clue about gathering an idea, let alone, design an iconic design that would incorporate these two letters. After lots of thinking about different concept ideas in my head, an idea came to me that I had to put on paper right away.

Image Image Image Image

By SS8609 – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2017

A logo rebranding of the Houston Astros.

Image Image

By Evan Hessler – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2015

This is NOT the official logo of the Houston Astros. All team trademarks belong to their respective owners.


By Jordan Aschwege – Graphic Designer  Website

Year: 2013

Houston Astros Rebrand Concept