The NBA "Team Jersey Sponsors," The New "Stadium Sponsors?"

The NBA has found a new way to generate more revenue.

This 2017 – 2018 season will be the first year of a three-year trial as NBA teams are teaming up with different businesses and will feature the company’s logo on its team jerseys. There are a total of 16 teams partnered with companies and the team with the biggest payday coming to the Golden State Warriors.

It was reported that the deal is worth double the amount of the Cleveland Cavalier’s deal with Goodyear.

Golden State Warriors and Rakuten sponsorship
Photo credit: The Mercury News

Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten will pay Golden State $20 million annually that will total up to $60 million for three years. Rakuten will reap more benefits than just having its logo on the reigning NBA Champions jerseys. Rakuten will now be the official e-commerce partner for the Warriors as well as an affiliate marketing partner, in addition to Golden State renaming its practice facility to Rakuten Performance Center.

The Los Angeles Lakers is the latest team to land a deal and it’s the second largest deal in the league. San Francisco based mobile shopping app Wish, reached out to the Lakers and the two agreed on a deal where the Lakers will make around $12 million to $14 million a year for three years. It was reported that the CEO Jeanie Buss of the Lakers never heard of the company before making this deal.

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Sunday’s epic battle between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots was a game for the ages.

Logo Battle - Super Bowl 2016
Logo Battle – Super Bowl 2016

This game will be remembered as Brady’s latest and greatest comeback game. At age 39 Brady does not seem to be slowing down on his skills and/or leadership. We all thought that this game was over in the first half with Atlanta’s 28-3 lead and comfortable with their offensive strategy. But I believe we all knew that a Brady-Belichick halftime could produce some type of comeback. And it did. Brady is now up there with the Joe Montana’s of Super Bowl deity. Both now have 5 Super Bowl wins to their credit. Being able to see both Brady and Montana has been such a treat. But, ranking the two I would now have to say Brady is the man. Winning in the modern age with the turnover of players every season and not having a elite running back or wide receiver during his run for the Super Bowl, makes Brady the greatest ever in my book.

Now on to the NFL Logo Super Bowl Battle, with the pre-game favorite Falcons coming away with the very close victory. The Falcon’s logo won by the slim margin of one vote. Winning the Sports Logo History’s Logo Battle is no consolation for losing the actual Super Bowl, but is something. Congratulation to both the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons for a great memory at Super Bowl LI.

Super Bowl LI Logo Comments

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