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Sports Logo Battle

New logo battle every Tuesday. Where any sports logo can battle it out. Updated 9/19/2017

Pick your battle and see results!

NFL Playoff Logo Battle 2017

The NFL playoffs are upon us, with an exciting schedule ahead of some great football. As our tagline says "It's not all about the team, it's about the logo" and Sports Logo History wants to know who not only who will win the game, but who has the better logo. Below is the the current logo battles for this coming weekend NFL games. Is your favorite team still playing? Is your favorite logo team still playing? Well vote and let your voice be heard.

Super Bowl

Sunday, February 5: New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

Which Super Bowl Team has the best LOGO?


Conference Championships


Sunday, January 22 Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons

Who has the best logo?


Sunday, January 22 Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots

Who has the best logo?


Divisional Rounds


Saturday, January 14 Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons


Saturday, January 14 Houston Texans vs New England Patriots


Sunday, January 15 Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs


Sunday, January 15 Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys

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